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Let us make you a world class brand.

We at blue & grey believe in a simple and indisputable truth: Brands that connect with their customers and make every interface with them a delightful experience and are constantly innovating ways to out through complexity to harness simpler experiences are leaders in their segment. So that's what we help you do.

We imbibe the soul of your company attributed to its legacy and culture in your brand help it reach its true potential. This focus allows us to reveal the essential truths of your organization, tell engaging stories that connect with your audiences and deliver simple experiences that look, sound and fell different. Breathtaking, but obvious. Familiar, but new. Unexpectedly fresh and remarkable clear.

How can we help ?

Every Business strives to see a day when it needs no introduction. The day is a result of tailored strategies implemented to create a prestigious brand. We at, blue & grey help you witness that day, everyday.

Here are some scenarios to illustrate how we work with our clients to achieve great things.


Facts are the root to smart business decisions. Facts about your market, about your audiences and about your organization each one of them drive the direction of your business. Our research practice uses methodologies and techniques tailored to your unique needs to reveal actionable insights.


Well-developed strategies ranging from simplified communication to science of persuasion win customers and influence their thoughts and behaviors. We cut through the volume and complexity of your information reorganizing, customizing and streamlining communications to make them clearer and more relevant and at the same time knowing your customers based on our research devise tailored strategies for them.

Design and Development

It’s not by chance that a world-class brand is built. It’s a purposeful endeavor that is grounded in the fusion of disciplined, strategic thinking and unimpeded creativity. The result is a brand strategy, story and experience that’s elegantly simple, unexpectedly fresh, and an asset that drives your business ahead.


Our technical solutions works hand in hand with our strategy. We focus on providing technology capabilities that are required by our clients' businnesses to acheive their long term goals. We make sure their IT organisations are agile and effective to deliver enduring results.

Our Clients

Saurabh K Jha

Market Research
Strategy Formulation


Prashant Choudhary

Public Relations
Client Interaction


Saurabh Kumar

Technical Architecture
Data Science


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